Stanford Pancreas and Diabetes Journal Club. (October 2014 – October 2016).


10/7/2016: Gan et al. Cell polarity defines three distinct domains in pancreatic β-cells. PMID: 26919978

8/19/2016: Ramracheya et al. PYY-Dependent Restoration of Impaired Insulin and Glucagon Secretion in Type 2 Diabetes following Roux-En-Y Gastric Bypass Surgery. PMID: 27117413

7/22/2016: Bader et al. Identification of proliferative and mature β-cells in the islets of Langerhans. PMID: 27398620

7/8/2016: Zhu et al. Genome Editing of Lineage Determinants in Human Pluripotent Stem Cells Reveals Mechanisms of Pancreatic Development and Diabetes. PMID: 27133796

6/24/2016: Dai et al. Stress-impaired transcription factor expression and insulin secretion in transplanted human islets.  PMID: 27064285

5/27/2016: Yoshihara et al. ERRy Is Required for the Metabolic Maturation of Therapeutically Functional Glucose-Responsive b Cells.  PMID: 27076077

5/20/2016: Pfluger et al. Calcineurin Links Mitochondrial Elongation with Energy Metabolism. PMID: 26411342

4/29/2016: Vegas et al. Long-term glycemic control using polymer-encapsulated human stem cell–derived beta cells in immune-competent mice. PMID: 27050590

4/1/2016: Helman et al. p16(Ink4a)-induced senescence of pancreatic beta cells enhances insulin secretion.  PMID: 26950362

3/18/2016: Shen et al. Inhibition of DYRK1A and GSK3B induces human b-cell proliferation. PMID: 26496802

2/26/2016: Afelik et al. Wnt7b is required for epithelial progenitor growth and operates during epithelial-to-mesenchymal signaling in pancreatic development.  PMID: 25576928

2/5/2016: Mugabo et al. Identification of a mammalian glycerol-3-phosphate phosphatase: Role in metabolism and signaling in pancreatic β-cells and hepatocytes.   PMID: 26755581

1/22/2016: Szabat et al. Reduced Insulin Production Relieves Endoplasmic Reticulum Stress and Induces β Cell Proliferation.  PMID: 26626461

1/8/2016: Vallejo et al. A brain circuit that synchronizes growth and maturation revealed through Dilp8 binding to Lgr3.  PMID: 26429885

12/11/2015: Zheng et al. Epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition is dispensable for metastasis but induces chemoresistance in pancreatic cancer.  PMID: 26560028

11/30/2016: Wang et al. Glucagon receptor antibody completely suppresses type 1 diabetes phenotype without insulin by disrupting a novel diabetogenic pathway.   PMID: 25675519 and seePMID: 26134395

11/16/2015: Sharma et al. Insulin demand regulates β cell number via the unfolded protein response.  PMID: 26389675

10/30/2015 Okamoto et al. Glucagon Receptor Blockade With a Human Antibody Normalizes Blood Glucose in Diabetic Mice and MonkeysPMID: 26020795

10/02/2015 Avrahami et al. Aging-Dependent Demethylation of Regulatory Elements Correlates with Chromatin State and Improved b Cell Function  PMID: 26321660

09/03/2015 Bhatt et al. Preserved DNA Damage Checkpoint Pathway Protects against Complications in Long-Standing Type 1 DiabetesPMID: 26244933

08/07/2015 Taylor et al. Postnatal b-Cell Proliferation and Mass Expansion Is Dependent on the Transcription Factor Nkx6.1   PMID: 25277396

07/24/2015 Belgardt et al.The microRNA-200 family regulates pancreatic beta cell survival in type 2 diabetes   PMID: 25985365

07/10/2015 van der Meulen et al. Urocortin3 mediates somatostatin-dependent negative feedback control of insulin secretion   PMID: 26076035

06/26/2015 Kwon et al. Systemic Organ Wasting Inducedby Localized Expressionof the Secreted Insulin/IGF Antagonist ImpL2    PMID: 25850671

05/29/2015 Drost et al. Sequential cancer mutations in cultured human intestinal stem cells  PMID: 25924068

05/15/2015 Cebola et al.TEAD and YAP regulate the enhancer network of human embryonic pancreatic progenitors   PMID: 25915126

04/30/2015 Chmelova et al Distinct roles of beta cell mass and function during type 1 diabetes onset and remission  PMID: 25605805

04/17/2015 Tang et al. Loss of FFA2 and FFA3 increases insulin secretion and improves glucose tolerance in type 2 diabetes   PMID: 25581519

04/03/2015 Razavi et al. Diabetes Enhances the Proliferation of Adult Pancreatic Multipotent Progenitor Cells and Biases Their Differentiation to More b-Cell Production PMID: 25392245

03/20/2015 Stolovich-Rain et al. Weaning Triggers a Maturation Step of Pancreatic b Cells   PMID: 25662175

03/06/2015 Parnaud et al Cadherin Engagement Improves Insulin Secretion of Single Human b-Cells  PMID: 25277393

02/20/2015 Mahdi et al. Secreted Frizzled-Related Protein 4 Reduces Insulin Secretionand Is Overexpressed in Type 2 Diabetes   PMID: 23140642

01/23/2015 Rasmussen et al. Jejunal Leptin-PI3K Signaling Lowers Glucose Production  PMID: 24361011

01/9/2015 Kir et al. FGF19 as a Postprandial, Insulin-Independent Activator of Hepatic Protein and Glycogen Synthesis   PMID: 21436455

11/02/2014 Zuellig et al. Improved physiological properties of gravity- enforced reassembled rat and human pancreatic pseudo-isletsPMID: 24737702

10/31/2014 Suez et al. Artificial sweeteners induce glucose intolerance by altering the gut microbiota PMID: 25231862 and see PMID: 25831243