Diabetes Innovation Challenge - February 16, 2018

Dear Partners, Sponsors and Friends,  

I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for collaborating with us to make the 2018 Diabetes Innovation Challenge the engine for innovative ideas and solutions that will change the quality of life for millions of people who are living with diabetes.


Benefit from Partnership

Partner with T1D Exchange to spotlight your brand through a range of sponsorship opportunities. To see a complete list of sponsors and get more information, visit our webpage.


Engage with our Applicants – Over 40 Registered in the First 2 Weeks

Last month we launched an aggressive marketing campaign, and upon opening the application process on November 28, we’ve had registrations from all over the world.


Highlights of our Marketing Outreach to Kick-off in January

  • Paid ad outlets include NPR Innovation Hub, ResearchGate, AmericanInno;
  • Social media postings include LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter;
  • Media placements include The Scientist, MobileHealth News among others!


T1D Exchange knows that breakthroughs in diabetes cannot and will not happen without inspired innovation. We’ve seen how the communities come together and the impact of how we can do better and more impactful work when we do come together. We appreciate your ongoing interest, support and commitment to our work and the T1D Exchange Diabetes Innovation Challenge.


Thank you,
Dana A. Ball
Executive Director and Co-Founder
T1D Exchange