2017 Seminar Series

December 1st: Heshan Peiris (Kim lab - Conditional Genetics and Human Islet Studies to Discover Diabetes Risk Gene Function)/Krissie Tellez (Kim lab - Elucidating in Vivo Mechanisms Regulating Glucagon Secretion in a Glucagon Null Mouse)


November 3rd: Tim Horton (Annes lab -Zinc chelators as beta-cell selective agents)/Kent Jensen (introduction to SIRC and DIMC cores)


October 6th: Knowles Lab (Heritable Diabetes and Metabolic Risk)/ Snyder Lab (Diabetes Omics)


September 1: Kay Lab (Islet Targeting)/ Meyer Lab (Immune cell targeting of the Islet)


August: Break


July 7Bollyky Lab (Type I diabetes Protection)/ McLaughlin Lab (CD44 and T2D)


June 2Feldman Lab  

Brian J. Feldman (Feldman lab): "Hypertrophy or hyperplasia: post-prandial contemplations."

Avnesh S. Thakor (Thakor Lab): "Delivery of therapeutics directly to the pancreas."


May 5th, 2017

Heshan Peiris (Seung Kim Lab): BCL11A: A T2D Risk Gene From GWAS That Regulates Human Beta Cell Function

Hannah Moeller (Justin Annes Lab): Discovering mechanisms for promoting the beta cell identity


April 26th 2017, 9AM-5PM

Frontiers in Diabetes Research at Stanford