Stanford Diabetes Work-In-Progress Seminar Series


Participants: Members of Participating Stanford Research Groups.

Meeting Time: Every Friday, 12:00-1:00 pm.

Meeting Location: Beckman 302, Developmental Biology Library.

Each Friday, a different thematic group presents:

1st Friday: Pancreas and Islet Biology

2nd Friday: Bioengineering and Behavioral Sciences

3rd Friday: Metabolism and Signaling

4th Friday: Immunology and Islet Transplantation



Justin Annes MD PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine, Division of Endocrinology; Leader of the Enrichment Program for SDRC

Meeting Forum:

Each session, held monthly, includes two speakers who provide a 20-25 minute discussion of their ongoing diabetes-related research. Presentation topics range from clinical research to basic science investigation, promoting a knowledge and collaboration between these spheres. The presentation format encourages questions and discussion both during and after each presentation. Presentations primarily focus on un-published work and as these meetings are intended to build new collaborations, share new insights (particularly new technologic innovations and how they might be applied) and facilitate new ideas/ research directions. Presenters and attendees include everyone from professors to undergraduate students. Thus this venue also aligns with our center’s training mission. Typical attendance is ~30-40 individuals per session. Snacks and drinks are provided to facilitate informal socializing and discussion following the presentations.


Up-Coming Meetings

The Series is on a Summer Break and will resume in September


Past Meetings

June 15th: Christopher Gardner: Recruitment Strategies for Trials – Lessons Learned, Resource Being Created

May 18th: Dr. Mohsen Fathzadeh (Knowles): The human lipodystrophy-like gene FAM13A affects fat distribution and function in mice
Dr. Katrin Svensson: Isthmin-1 is a hormone that regulates peripheral glucose homeostasis

May 11th: Dr. Eric Appel - Innovations in Insulin Formulation by Supramolecular Design

April 6th: Kyle Loh - Prospects for using human embryonic stem cells to treat diabetes: replacing the immune system or generating pancreatic progenitors?"

Hannah Moeller (Annes Lab) - Discovering Pathways Promoting Beta-Cell Identity and Function

March 30th: Dr. Eyal Dassau - The Artificial Pancreas and Connected Diabetes Care: A Patient Centric Design

March 23rd: Dr. Garrison Fathman - A novel approach to rejuvenate endogenous Treg function in the treatment of autoimmune diseases; can one drug treat all these diseases?

Discussion session led by the leaders

March 16th: Dr. Rick Kraemer - Cholesterol trafficking for steroidogenesis

Dr. Maurizio Morri (Ingelsson lab) – CRISPR-based high-throughput screening and validation of putative candidate genes for insulin resistance

March 9th: Event Cancelled

March 2nd: Event Cancelled

February 23rd: Dr. Jeffrey Liu (Roncarolo lab) - Engineering Tr1 cells to induce immune tolerance

Dr. Nadine Nagy - 4-methylumbelliferyl Glucuronide Inhibits Hyaluronan Synthesis and Promotes Foxp3+ Regulatory T-cell Induction

February 16th: Zahra Bahrami-Nejad (Teruel lab) - A core component of mature adipocytes enforces cell identity by mediating adipocyte differentiation

Dr. Terry Unterman - Regulatory Networks in Diabetes: Integrated Regulation of Hepatic Glucose and Lipid Metabolism by FoxO Proteins

February 9th: Jason Tsai (Bertozzi lab): Sensitive and multiplex quantification of anti-Islet cell antibodies for Type 1 Diabetes diagnostics and risk assessments

Dr. Anisha Patel: Examining Policies to Promote Access to Free Water in Schools as an Alternative to Sugar Sweetened Beverages

February 2nd: Monte Winslow: Genome Engineering in the Mouse Pancreas/Marina Basina: Managing Type 2 Diabetes: Where are we in 2018?

January 26th: Dr. Everett Meyer (Defining disease associated invariant NKT in human type 1 diabetes)/Dr. Paul Bollyky (IL-2 delivery and immune modulation in type 1 diabetes)

January 12th: Tom Soh (Technology for continuously measuring specific biomolecules in vivo)/Korey Hood (Science of Behavior: Opportunities to Optimize Diabetes Outcomes)

January 10, 2018: Invited guest speaker - Danny Chou, PhD Assistant Professor-University of Utah "Toward Optimal Insulin Action and Performance for People with Diabetes"

December 1st: Heshan Peiris (Kim lab - Conditional Genetics and Human Islet Studies to Discover Diabetes Risk Gene Function)/Krissie Tellez (Kim lab - Elucidating in Vivo Mechanisms Regulating Glucagon Secretion in a Glucagon Null Mouse)

November 3rd: Tim Horton (Annes lab -Zinc chelators as beta-cell selective agents)/Kent Jensen (introduction to SIRC and DIMC cores)

October 6th: Knowles Lab (Heritable Diabetes and Metabolic Risk)/ Snyder Lab (Diabetes Omics)

September 1: Kay Lab (Islet Targeting)/ Meyer Lab (Immune cell targeting of the Islet)

August: Break

July 7: Bollyky Lab (Type I diabetes Protection)/ McLaughlin Lab (CD44 and T2D)

June 2: Feldman Lab  

Brian J. Feldman (Feldman lab): "Hypertrophy or hyperplasia: post-prandial contemplations."

Avnesh S. Thakor (Thakor Lab): "Delivery of therapeutics directly to the pancreas."

May 5th, 2017

Heshan Peiris (Seung Kim Lab): BCL11A: A T2D Risk Gene From GWAS That Regulates Human Beta Cell Function

Hannah Moeller (Justin Annes Lab): Discovering mechanisms for promoting the beta cell identity

April 26th 2017, 9AM-5PM

Frontiers in Diabetes Research at Stanford

December 9th, 2016

Marco Mignardi (Quake Lab) : In situ gene expression profiling of pancreatic tissues

Yan Hang (Kim Lab): A mammalian decretin hormone that regulates islet insulin output during nutrient          restriction

November 28th, 2016: Stanford Diabetes Research Forum (celebrating Diabetes Awareness Month):     

Speakers: Drs. Vivek Bhalla, Eric Gross, Joyce Liao, Elena Matsa, Tracey McLaughlin, Nadine Nagy, Seung Kim and Chelsea Kliebert (Jennifer Cochran lab) and Zahra Bahrami (Mary Teruel lab)

October meeting: cancelled

September 9th, 2016:

Everett Meyer: Blockade of signaling hub repulsive guidance molecule B (RGMb) delays islet allograft rejection

Sun Kim: Insulin Clearance: an underappreciated modulator of plasma insulin 

July 8th, 2016:

Vivek Sunkari (Bollyky Lab): Targeting Hyaluronan to Treat Type 2 Diabetes

Justin Annes: Genetic Disruption of Adenosine Kinase in Mouse Pancreatic β-Cells Protects Against High Fat Diet-Induced Glucose Intolerance

June 6th, 2016:

Seung Kim and Sangbin Park: Drosophila and diabetes: tapping the deep evolutionary roots of islet biology

Linda Yip (Fathman Lab): Using gene expression of PBCs to identify risk and progression of T1D

May 20th, 2016:

Brian Hsueh (Deisseroth Lab): Quantitative tools for evaluating 3D structure in the pancreas

Everett Meyer Lab: Using chimeric antigen receptor T-regulatory cells to induce tolerance and deliver directed signals to pancreatic islet allografts

April 13th, 2016:

Wenyu Zhou (Snyder group): Profiling bacterial community changes in diet-induced weight gain/loss

Li-Fen Liu (McLaughlin group): Adipose tissue macrophages impair preadipocyte differentiation in humans

March 11th, 2016:

Nadine Nagy (Bollyky Lab) Immune tolerance and hyaluronan

Martin Enge (Quake Lab) Single cell transcriptional analysis from young and old human beta-cells.

February 16th, 2016:

Seung Kim: Diabetes-Related Resources at Stanford

Justin Annes: Identification of Novel β-Cell replication-promoting Small Molecules