Medtronic 670G Hybrid Closed-Loop Trial 6 month to 1 year long trial using the 670G pump. Subjects will be randomized into using the closed-loop feature for either all 12 months or second 6 months. All subjects will be given 670G, as well as BG meter and ketone meter to use during study. Pump and meter supplies will be supplied during study. 6-9 visits to Stanford campus during that 12 months.

Type 1 Diabetes Clinical Trials Attached is a list of studies we are currently recruiting for. If you have any patients who may be interested in participating, please have them send an email to and one of our research team members will be in touch to share more information. 

IMPACT study Stanford Medicine and 24 hour fitness have created an exercise program for individuals with type 2 diabetes who are not using insulin.
Opportunity for those at risk of diabetes or elevated cholesterol We are looking for volunteers ages 30-70 on a study about the relationship between cholesterol lowering medications (statins) and type 2 diabetes. The study is looking for people that may have a family history of diabetes, have pre-diabetes, have high cholesterol, and are slightly to moderately overweight. Appointments include glucose tolerance test, insulin resistance test, and microbiome sampling. In the study participants will gain information on their cardiovascular risk, resistance to insulin, and be able to meet with a certified dietitian to make actionable goals to lower risks. For more information please email: Pragya Tripathi or call 650-503-4476.
Liraglutide for weight loss and cardiovascular benefits We are looking for moderately overweight but otherwise healthy pre- and type 2 diabetics between the ages of 40-69 to examine the effects of the FDA approved drug liraglutide on cardiovascular health. 
Type 1 Diabetes and the Brain Researchers at Stanford University are studying brain activations during cognitive tasks in children and teenagers with Type 1 Diabetes. We are currently recruiting 7-16 year olds diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Participation involves two 15-minute cognitive tasks and fNIRS brain recording (safe and noninvasive). Your child will receive a $20 Amazon gift card for his/her participation. For more information or to participate, please contact Gabby Tong (
T1D Focus Group We would like to learn about where you receive care for your diabetes-related needs and get feedback about your diabetes care experiences.
Echo Type 1 Diabetes: Democratizing Specialty Knowledge to Improve Health Outcomes Stanford University is launching a Project ECHOTM for Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) to support primary care providers who manage adult and/or pediatric patients with T1D who do not receive routine specialty care.
Development of next Wave of Artificial Pancreas Technology We’re looking for people with type 1 diabetes to enroll in trials at Stanford to help develop the next wave of artifcial pancreas technology.
STRONG-D Study The STRONG-D research study aims to help people with Type 2 Diabetes achieve a healthier lifestyle!