Darrell WIlson

Darrell M Wilson, MD, Professor, Department of Pediatrics, Division of Endocrinology and Diabetes, Stanford University School of Medicine


Research Description: Dr. Wilson is an internationally-heralded clinical investigator focused on pediatric diabetes research. He is the PI for the NIH-funded multicenter TrialNet studies at Stanford for over 20 years; Stanford is only one of 14 North American centers selected. He previously served in the Diabetes Prevention Trial (DPT-1) network, the progenitor of TrialNet. In TrialNet, he serves as chair of the Center Directors’ Committee, member of the Laboratory Monitoring committees, and as a member of multiple TrialNet study protocol and writing committees. Dr. Wilson is also a co-investigator on the NIH-funded multi-center Diabetes Research in Children Network (DirecNet). Over the past decade this group has been extraordinarily productive in developing and testing emerging technologies like glucose sensors to improve outcomes in children with diabetes. Currently this group is investigating the hypothesis that dysglycemia can adversely impact brain development in young children. Dr. Wilson is a co-investigator on JDRF- and Helmsley Trust-supported clinical studies to advance development of the artificial pancreas (JDRF Artificial Pancreas Project, the Continuous Glucose Sensor Human Clinical Trial, and the Artificial Pancreas Consortium). He is particularly interested in the automatic control of insulin delivery based on glucose sensor data. Trained in electrical engineering, Dr. Wilson is an investigator on many studies designed to develop and test algorithms, safety features, and hardware essential for practical artificial pancreas systems. Finally, Dr. Wilson is also a key member of the Stanford University clinical research infrastructure, chairing an IRB panel, and a member of the oversight committee for the NIH-funded Stanford Clinical Translational Research Center (CTRU). He is a senior physician at Lucile Packard Hospital, coordinating the care of 800 children and adolescents with diabetes.

Selected relevant publications (Stanford DRC Members in BOLD):

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