Eric Appel

Eric A. Appel, PhD, Assistant Professor of Materials Science & Engineering and (by courtesy) Bioengineering; Terman Faculty Fellow, Stanford University School of Engineering


Research description: The Appel lab at Stanford integrates concepts and approaches from supramolecular chemistry and natural/synthetic materials to tackle healthcare challenges of critical importance to society, including diabetes mellitus. They have developed a platform of materials with unique, tunable, and stimuli-responsive properties that they are exploiting as the basis for novel treatment strategies for a range of disease targets. Relevant to diabetes, Appel’s group has developed “smart” excipient technology affording unprecedented stabilization of monomeric insulin, a strategy that forms the basis of novel ultra-fast-acting insulin formulations for treatment of diabetes. They have several on-going collaborations with multiple members of the Stanford DRC that focus on the translation of their new material technologies.

Selected relevant publications (Stanford DRC Members in BOLD):

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