Gerald Crabtree

Gerald R. Crabtree, MD, Professor, Departments of Pathology and (by courtesy) of Developmental Biology

Investigator, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Stanford University School of Medicine


Research description: Dr. Crabtree’s group is interested in the role of signaling by Ca2+-calcineurin-NFAT and its regulation by the Dyrk1a kinase in the development and function of beta cells in the pancreas. They have isolated inhibitors of this pathway, made knock-out mice for each of the components and collaborated effectively with Seung Kim’s laboratory to explore the role of Calcineurin/NFAT/Dyrk1a in regulating the proliferation and function of adult beta cells. This work has had a powerful and sustained influence on studies in the fields of islet biology and diabetes research.


Selected relevant publications (Stanford DRC Members in BOLD):

  1. JJ Heit, ÅA Apelqvist, X Gu, MM Winslow, JR Neilson, GR Crabtree, SK Kim.  2006. Calcineurin/NFAT signaling regulates pancreatic ß-cell growth and function. Nature 443:345-9.
  2. JR Arron, MM Winslow, A Polleri, C-P Chang, JR Neilson, JJ Heit, SK Kim, U Francke, IA Graef, and GR Crabtree. 2006. NFAT dysregulation by increased dosage of DSCR1 and DYRK1a on chromosome 21. Nature 441, 595-600.
  3. W. Goodyer, X Gu, Y Liu, R Bottino, GR Crabtree, SK Kim. 2012. Neonatal β-cell development in mice and humans is regulated by calcineurin/NFAT.  Dev Cell 23:21-34.