Holden Maecker

Holden T. Maecker, PhD, Associate Professor, Department of Microbiology & Immunology; Director, Human Immune Monitoring Center; Director, Service Centers and Enabling Technologies, Stanford University


Research Description: Dr. Maecker’s research has illuminated T cell response signatures and their association with protection from chronic pathogens and cancer. His lab has published a number of important papers on this topic, both alone and in collaboration with other groups. He has contributed to the field of assay standardization, with a particular emphasis on flow cytometry assays used for immune monitoring. Beginning with a classical 2005 publication on standardization of intracellular cytokine assays, his group has published influential publications in the area of assay comparisons, optimization, and reproducibility. He has recently contributed to the field of human systems immunology, with publications that emphasize the relationships between components of the human immune response, in collaboration with groups led by Drs. Mark Davis and Garry Fathman. For the past five years, Maecker’s lab has gained extensive experience with CyTOF in collaboration with Dr. G. Nolan. In addition to being PI on multiple NIH, industry, and foundation grants, Dr. Maecker also directs the Human Immune Monitoring Center (HIMC), a Stanford core service laboratory, which performs blood processing and standardized assays using flow cytometry, genomics, and immunoassay platforms. He serves as a core leader of the Diabetes Immune Monitoring Core (DIMC) in the Stanford DRC: with Dr. Everett Meyer he will oversee use of assays, data analysis and interpretation.


Selected relevant publications or presentations (Stanford DRC members in BOLD):

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