Rick Kraemer

Fredric B. Kraemer, MD, Professor, Department of Medicine; Chief, Division of Endocrinology, Gerontology and Metabolism, Stanford University School of Medicine


Research Description: Dr. Kraemer’s research career began with a focus on insulin resistance and glucose metabolism during which he contributed to some of the early studies utilizing insulin clamps and examining the effects of differences in the sources of carbohydrates on insulin and glucose responses in humans. Although continuing to be interested in insulin and glucose metabolism, the major focus of most of his research has been directed at understanding various aspects of cellular lipid metabolism. These studies have primarily focused on adipose tissue metabolism and, particularly, on lipid droplet formation and the regulation of lipid droplet hydrolysis leading to the release of fatty acids. He has had longstanding, productive collaborations with multiple members of the Stanford DRC, detailed below and in the proposal. Dr. Kraemer also serves on the SDRC Executive Committee.

Selected relevant publications (Stanford DRC members in BOLD):

  1. Zhang H, Shen W-J, Cortez Y, Kraemer FB, Azhar S. Nordihydroguaiaretic acid improves metabolic dysregulation and aberrant hepatic lipid metabolism in mice by both PPAR-dependent and -independent pathways.  Am J Physiol Gastrointest Liver Physiol 304:G72-86, 2013.
  2. Ueno M, Shen W-J, Patel S, Greenberg AS, Azhar S, Kraemer FB.  Fat specific protein 27 modulates nuclear factor of activated-T cells 5 and the cellular response to stress.  J Lipid Res 54:734-43, 2013.
  3. Liu L-F, Shen W-J, Ueno M, Patel S, Azhar S, Kraemer FB. Age-related modulation of the effects of obesity on gene expression profiles of mouse bone marrow and epididymal adipocytes.  PLoS One 8(8): e72367, 2013.
  4. Khor VK, Ahrends R, Lin Y, Shen W-J, Adams CM, Roseman AN, Cortez Y, Teruel MN, Azhar S, Kraemer FB. The proteome of cholesteryl-ester-enriched versus triacylglycerol-enriched lipid droplets PLoS One 9:e105047, 2014.
  5. Zhang H, Li Y, Hu J, Shen W-J, Singh M, Hou X, Bittner A, Bittner S, Cortez Y, Tabassum J, Kraemer FB, Azhar S. Effect of creosote bush-derived NDGA on expression of genes involved in lipid metabolism in liver of high-fructose fed rats: relevance to NDGA amelioration of hypertriglyceridemia and hepatic steatosis.  PLoS One 10(9):e0138203, 2015.
  6. Ota A, Kovary KM, Wu OH, Ahrends R, Shen W-J, Costa MJ, Feldman BJ, Kraemer FB, Teruel MN.  Using SRM mass spectrometry to quantify nuclear protein abundance differences between adipose tissue depots of insulin-resistant mice.  J Lipid Res 56:1068-1078, 2015.