Stéphan Busque

Stéphan Busque, MD, MSc, Professor of Surgery; Director, Adult Kidney and Pancreas Transplant Program, Stanford University School of Medicine and Stanford Hospitals & Clinics


Research Description: Dr. Busque’s research is focused on the improvement of clinical immunosuppression after organ transplantation and ultimately the pursuit of tolerance.  He has contributed to the clinical translation of a tolerance induction protocol after kidney transplantation developed by Dr. Samuel Strober, another Stanford DRC investigator. Together, they demonstrated that stable mixed chimerism could be achieved in kidney transplant recipients receiving from the matched donor hematopoietic stem cells. Subsequently 17 of 22 HLA matched recipients have been weaned off completely of immunosuppressive drugs. The conditioning regimen of total lymphoid irradiation (TLI) and anti-thymocyte globulin proved to be of low toxicity as demonstrated in the animal model. His efforts are now directed at expanding this approach to less well matched donor/recipient pairs. In addition, Dr. Busque is an active participant in the California Transplant Donor Network, and procured cadaveric adult human pancreata for research by Seung Kim and colleagues in the DRC. Dr. Busque has also participated in the evaluation, trial design and data analysis of promising new immunosuppressive drugs for organ transplantation, voclosporin and tofacitinib.

Selected relevant publications (Stanford DRC Members in BOLD):

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