Steve Quake

Stephen R. Quake, D.Phil., Professor, Departments of Bioengineering, Applied Physics and (by courtesy) Physics, Stanford University Schools of Medicine, Engineering, and Humanities & Sciences; Co-President, Chan Zuckerberg Biohub


Research Description: Dr. Quake’s research program has made important contributions to multiple biomedical fields. His innovative technologies have been capitalized in research and clinical applications. His work on single cell RNA sequencing has resulted in the understanding and identification of cell physiologies in various tissues. One such project, in collaboration with Seung Kim and colleagues, is aimed at understanding the lineage, gene expression and epigenetic characteristics of normal somatic stem cells and premalignant or malignant cells from the human pancreas to define markers to identify and remove these cells from contaminated cell cultures intended for regenerative medicine. This work will build an openly accessible database for pancreas with lists of gene expression and epigenetic signatures that identify subpopulations. Quake’s group has also collaborated with Seung Kim to assess conversion of primary islet alpha-cells to beta-cells in a project supported by the NIH Beta-cell biology consortium (BCBC), Human Islet Resource Network (HIRN), and JDRF. Finally, Dr. Quake’s single cell RNA-profiling methods have been widely adopted by collaborating investigators in the SDRC (listed below) and others at Stanford, and in collaborations worldwide.

Selected relevant publications (Stanford DRC Members in BOLD):

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