“Molecular and Cellular Immunology” led by Dr. Patricia Jones (NIAID) is supported by 19 SDRC-affiliated research faculty and has enabled the training of 70 pre-doctoral and post-doctoral scholars, over the past 10 years. This training grant provides cutting edge immunologic research training in two focus areas: (1) Computational and Systems Immunology and (2) Molecular, Cellular, and Translational Immunology. The outstanding training environment is enabled through courses taught by expert faculty that emphasize current research and critical thinking, opportunities to prepare for a future academic career through teach teaching in undergraduate and graduate; a seminar series featuring outstanding immunologists from across the country and training in writing research papers and proposals, public speaking, data presentation, and the responsible conduct of research. This training mechanism is particularly impactful for young SDRC-affilitaed faculty like Dr. P. Bollyky, interested in identifying therapeutic targets for preventing and treating Type 1 diabetes (PMID 26368307).