“Diabetes, Endocrinology and Metabolism” led by SDRC affiliated member Dr. Andrew Hoffman (NIDDK) is an invaluable training mechanism for Endocrine Fellow and other Endocrine-focused post-doctoral candidates pursuing a research career. This grant is supported by 12 SDRC-affiliated Faculty and has salaried 36-diabetes focused trainees over the last 10 years. As part of this program, trainees develop skills, knowledge and investigative programs in either the bench or clinical diabetes research, taking advantage of a spectrum of approaches ranging from molecular, cellular, and animal models to human subjects. Trainees participate in the rich environment of seminars (including required annual presentation an Endocrine Grand Rounds), programs in the ethics of responsible research, grant writing, critical evaluation of the literature as well as many other courses and seminars. A particularly notable T32 and SDRC affiliated mentor, late Dr. Gerald Reavan, a distinguished clinical investigator and mentor credited with describing the Metabolic Syndrome, had used this mechanism to launch the careers of 7 clinical diabetes researchers.