Stanford CHEM-H Chemistry/Biology Interface Pre-doctoral Training Program,” led by SDRC affiliated member Dr. Carolyn Bertozzi (NIGMS) supports a novel training paradigm of training which brings chemists, biologists, engineers and clinicians together to pursue a molecular level understanding of the principles underlying human health and to devise innovative disease interventions. A major component of this initiative is cross-disciplinary student training. This Training Program is less than one year old and already includes seven SDRC affiliated investigators. The laboratory of Dr. Annes includes a pioneering ChEM-H PhD student (Department of Chemistry) who is developing novel chemical methods of delivering small molecules to β-cells. The program provides PhD students with a diverse community of peers and training experience. Mentors are affiliated with diverse departments and programs, including physician scientists who are practicing clinicians. Students receive training in communication across scientific disciplines and will be uniquely situated to tackle challenges in Diabetes from a molecular level perspective.