Tracey McLaughlin

Tracey McLaughlin, MD, MS, Associate Professor of Medicine, Division of Endocrinology, Gerontology and Metabolism, Stanford University School of Medicine


Research Description: Dr. McLaughlin’s research program over the past 18 years has made important contributions to our understanding of the relationship been obesity and insulin resistance.  Early studies defined the metabolic heterogeneity in overweight to moderately obese individuals and characterized responses in cardiometabolic risk factors to various dietary interventions. More recent studies include detailed analyses of adipose tissue/cells and how they respond to dietary and weight loss/gain manipulations.  Her laboratory is actively committed to collaborating with multiple basic science laboratories at Stanford to yield innovative and transformative research related to the biology of human adipose tissue and its role in insulin resistance. In addition, Dr. McLaughlin co-directs the SDRC Clinical & Translational Research Core.

Selected relevant publications (Stanford DRC Members in BOLD):

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